The Affiliate Platform for Black-Owned Businesses

If you’re a Black-owned business looking to increase your sales or a publisher looking to support Black-owned businesses, we are the platform for you.

Supporting Black-owned businesses by helping content creators earn money supporting them

We help Black-owned online retailers set up and manage affiliate programs so they can benefit from risk-free performance marketing from our range of publishers.

We also help publishers earn an income through the sales they generate with these programs for these businesses through their range of marketing channels.

Account management simplified so you can run your business

Brands and affiliates collab to create promotions to drive sales

Track the performance of sales, promotions and offers

You focus on making partnerships, we handle the payment processes

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I’m a Black-Owned Business

We are looking for retailers from all over the world who identify themselves as “Black-owned”. Big brands, small brands, established names and start-ups – sign up with us and we’ll connect you with the right publishers to help you acquire more customers. 

I’m a Publisher

We are looking for all current and aspiring affiliates of all walks of life who are looking to start out or grow their current affiliate marketing businesses. This includes influencers, bloggers, vloggers, directories, and media houses who want to earn money generating sales for Black-owned businesses.

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