Grow Your Black-Owned Brand

Our team will connect you with the right affiliates to help boost your visibility and grow your sales.

On Afrofiliate, we help Black-owned businesses increase their sales through affiliate marketing. We work with online retailers to create affiliate programmes and brand ambassador schemes so that publishers of their choice can promote their desired channels to their audiences. 

Increase Your Sales

We work with Black-owned businesses to improve their sales figures through performance marketing. Create affiliate programs, marketing campaigns and targeted advertising to incentivise your customers to promote your brand and for your desired content creators to increase your exposure.

Manage Your Digital Advertising

We identify new opportunities for your campaigns and recruit new publishers that we know will benefit you. With easy setup, integration advice, feedback and reviews, and advanced tracking technology, we can help you grow.

Work with our high-performing, engaged team, join our connected network and grow your business. Know that when a lead is confirmed, you’ll have made a sale. And that once you’ve been matched with your publishers, we’ll still be on hand to help, advise and drive further performance.

Safeguard Your Brand Identity

Publishers that want to work with your brand are free to apply to you directly through our directory, but you have the final say on if they’re a good fit. You can always be certain that we’ll put appropriate safeguards in place to protect your brand.



BAME Skincare brings clinical grade, active ingredients that work! Together with the knowledge and education they provide, they are there with you on your journey to good skin health.

The Cornrow is a home and lifestyle edit dedicated to celebrating the modern Black aesthetic. We create and source lifestyle and homeware products that are vibrant and affordable, showcasing design and books that celebrate African and Black diaspora heritage for everyone to enjoy.



Advertiser Frequently Asked Questions

On Afrofiliate, an advertiser is defined as Black-owned retailer with an online presence that “advertises” goods or services for sale.

Afrofiliate is a platform for Black-owned businesses with an online presence. If your ecommerce business identifies as “Black-owned”, we welcome your application to join us.

Once your application is successful,  we’ll work with you to start your affiliate or ambassador programme, create offers and work with affiliates you want to drive traffic to your business and generate sales.

Afrofiliate handles the billing and invoicing requirements on your behalf. Once registered, you’ll be invoiced monthly for the sales generated so we can pay your affiliates for you. 

Afrofiliate handles the billing and invoicing requirements on your behalf. Once registered, you’ll be invoiced monthly for the sales generated so we can pay your affiliates for you. 

For all information regarding costs, please see our Pricing page.

With Afrofiliate, we want to provide Black-owned businesses with the tools to create all sorts of programmes. This includes affiliate programmes where businesses can onboard a range of different publishers to promote goods and services through their channels and brand ambassador programmes where we can reward customers’ loyalty by offering them commission on their successful referrals to their friends and family.

That’s completely down to you. Afrofiliate has a growing range of publishers from a range of backgrounds, levels of experiences and channels including influencers, bloggers and vloggers, directories, media publishing houses, technologists and virtually anyone who wants to earn money promoting Black-owned businesses. Who you want to drive traffic to your business is advertiser’s responsibility.

If you can’t find the answer to your question above, please feel free to send us a message through our Contact page.